Helping Healthcare Providers Treat Veterans

Warrior Centric Health (WCH) is a for-profit corporation that addresses the national challenge of providing health care to veterans and their families that fits their special needs, including the invisible scars inflicted by their hostile workplace.

A Scalable and Sustainable Solution

WCH does this not by creating a new or cumbersome system of care, which would be unsustainable, but by working within the current U.S. health care environment. The vast majority of vets already turn to civilian medical systems for care, yet remain invisible—civilian systems neither screen for them nor know how to treat their special needs. WCH provides these establishments the tools to identify, attract and treat vets and their families profitably, thus both enabling and encouraging the players in the current system to meet this challenge.

Medical Systems Get the Help They Need

  • A standard of care created in partnership with best practice organizations, including the American Hospital Association – Institute for Diversity.
  • Fully certified Training and Continuing Medical Education, including an extensive e-learning program, that addresses the complex combination of unique clinical issues—both physical and psychological—that impact veterans and their families.
  • Onsite workshops and best practice reviews.
  • Exclusive data analysis, including organizational environmental scans and veteran health history data.
  • Marketing aids, including veteran demographic data, community marketing tools and hands-on help in developing strategy.

Scaling Up to Fill the Vacuum

WCH provides a credentialing program, Warrior Centric Health Foundations in Veteran Population Health, the only accredited veteran-focused CME/CE program.

In the future, the Warrior Centric Health Knowledge Portal will launch to help vets choose fully qualified health care providers and deliver additional benefits to Warrior Centric Health clients and members.


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