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Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation,  a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable entity, increases public awareness and understanding of the healthcare needs of Veterans and their families.

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Checks can be made out to:

Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation


Mailing address:

Warrior Centric Healthcare Foundation

C/O Dr. Evelyn Lewis

51 Monroe Street, Suite 1507

Rockville, MD 20850

Whether you are an individual wishing to better the lives of military and veteran families and communities or an organization aiming to improve the education and training of civilian healthcare providers, the Warrior-Centric Healthcare Foundation needs your help.

The WCH Foundation uses donations to directly impact military and veteran communities as well as the healthcare communities that serve them. The WCH Foundation uses funds to help create and support healthcare education and training, healthcare awareness, and community engagement projects.

Healthcare Education and Training

Contributing to our healthcare education and training will directly impact healthcare providers, professionals, and veterans themselves. The WCH Foundation has partnered with the Steptoe Group to provide culturally component training to healthcare professionals, which will help them better treat and serve veterans.

Healthcare Awareness

Contributing to healthcare awareness will help the WCH Foundation educate healthcare and civilian communities about the current state of veteran healthcare. Civilian healthcare communities, when asked, are not aware that veterans are being served in civilian hospitals and medical centers. Your donation will help the WCH Foundation break through this misconception and help these communities understand how they can better treat and serve veterans.

Community Engagement Projects

Contributing to community engagement projects will help fund community events that will help create awareness of veteran healthcare. The WCH Foundation strives to empower veterans and communities to become part of the solution and work to educate others in their communities.  Your donation could help fund a booth at a healthcare fair, sponsor a speaker at a conference or community event, bring a speaker to a university or high school, host local roundtables, and more.

Our Goals

  • Philanthropic and Commercial Foundations: fundraising for continuing medical education and community outreach efforts.
  • Hospitals and Systems: We are entering a challenging and exciting time, as healthcare pressures on our Veterans and their families increase and the demand for better commercial health services continues to rise. We are determined to connect to the 300 markets serving Veterans and the families with the right care at the right time with the right result to all.
  • Military and Veteran Communities: to align with civilian healthcare communities in order to provide the best care for the Veteran population.

2018 Fundraising Goal – $250,000 – To launch the first series of national town halls connecting service members and their families with education and certified veteran friendly health services

2019 Fundraising Goal – $500,000 – To establish the foundation as the national organization educating, connecting, and supporting service members along with their families with certified health care providers.

2020 Fundraising Goal – $20M Endowment – To fund WCH Foundation’s continued development and enduring work