The Warrior Centric Health Solution

The Warrior Centric Health solution to the veterans’ health care gap begins with three simple premises:


The only sustainable way to meet the challenge of veterans’ health care is through the existing civilian health care provider system.

  • The VA and not-for-profit veterans’ services will never be funded at a level necessary to meet this challenge. Why wait for it?
  • The vast majority of vets and their families are already receiving their health care through civilian providers. Why force them to switch?
  • Civilian providers already have the basic resources needed to provide care to this population. Why not put them to work?

  • Warrior Centric Health addresses this premise by working directly with health care providers to enable them to treat the veteran population, rather than attempting to create new resources to care for veterans, or just to raise money for veterans to utilize resources currently incapable of caring for them.


A rigorous standard of care can be developed and accepted for the veteran population.

  • In medical terms, “standard of care” is a “diagnostic and treatment process that a clinician should follow for a certain type of patient, illness, or clinical circumstance.” A standard of care for a given population, such as veterans and their families—when combined with best practices—should ensure proper care for individuals within the population.
  • When a health care provider embraces a standard of care, it also enables us to measure compliance, making continued—and improved—delivery both achievable and verifiable.
  • WCH has developed the first and only Veteran Population Standard of Care, in partnership with some of the nations most prestigious medical institutions, including numerous collaborations with the American Hospital Association – Institute for Diversity.

  • No less important, WCH delivers the tools needed to meet the standard of care:
    • An exclusive Body of Knowledge that underpins WCH training. WCH clients can access information about measuring Veteran health outcomes and their upstream determinants, using these measures to coordinate the efforts of health agencies, the healthcare delivery system, and many other entities.
    • An evaluation process that examines the pre-training Veteran Population Health knowledge and post-training facility compliance, as well as real-time data-driven reporting.
    • A complete eLearning program—fully accredited—that teaches both advanced clinical topics and cultural competency. Through a proprietary multi-platform training series WCH helps health care organizations understand and immediately apply WCH’s Veteran Population Health methodologies and learned knowledge.
    • Data science to help hospital administrators translate learning into actionable tasks and deliverables, such as best practice measurement, decision-making and operations management, and strategic relationship plans.
    • Marketing toolkits and templates that support community marketing activities and processes, outreach work plans, and communication plans.


Applying the Warrior Centric standard of care to veterans and their families can yield a net profit for health care providers.

  • When one of WCH’s healthcare system clients began to ask at admissions if patients were veterans, they began to understand the impact Veterans have on their business. They discovered that while veterans were 7% of the general population, 10% of their unique patient mix were veterans and 12% of their inpatient revenue were from veterans. Veterans were a greater source of revenue than expected. Attracting and retaining veterans is smart business.
  • To help health care providers attract and retain veterans, Warrior Centric Health awards compliant institutions recognition as a Warrior Centric Health Hospital. This designation lets veterans know they are receiving a standard of care tailored to them.

  • WCH adds power to the recognition by also reaching out:
    • To the public, to help identify each Warrior Centric Hospital.
    • To professionals, to create awareness.
    • To health care facilities, to share best practices across the veteran population care community.
  • In addition, the WCH program enables hospitals to fulfill the AHA’s Equity of Care Pledge in a commercially viable way and meet IRS Schedule H requirements to maintain not-for-profit hospital status.

The Only Fully Realized Solution

In the end, WCH provides hospitals a solution to quickly achieve measurable results in Veteran Population Health. The WCH solution, which includes comprehensive cultural and clinical training as well as community outreach tools, is the only fully realized solution available to commercial hospitals, health systems, retail and employer clinics, family practices, and medical schools.


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