Welcome Colonel (Ret.) Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr. – Vice President of Sales

Clarksville, MD, April 9, 2017 – “We can care for them or bury them. We must choose right now.” Strong and accurate words spoken at the retirement ceremony of Colonel (Ret.) Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr., USA, the new Vice President of sales, business development, and government affairs at Warrior Centric Health.

Simonelli should know since his most recent role was Chief of Staff at Arlington National Cemetery, our Nations most Sacred Shrine, where Simonelli illustrated his dedication to service, commitment to excellence, and extraordinary performance of duty during a very difficult time in the Cemetery’s history and righting many operational wrongs in a caring and precise manner.

“What I look forward to most working with Warrior Centric Health is providing the means for our Veterans to get the right care at the right time to keep them healthy and productive for a long time.  I have been privileged and honored to care for our Veterans at the end of their lives and am now excited to join a team that helps prolong their lives,” said Simonelli at his ceremony.

Mr. Simonelli will be responsible for all direct and channel sales functions for North America and Europe. He has also been entrusted to grow strategic customer accounts and partner relationships that tactically meld with Warrior Centric Health’s core business objectives. Moving quickly, Mr. Simonelli will immediately start by visiting the current clients and prospective hospitals as well as assembling the necessary sales infrastructure including administrative, channel and additional sales resources that will play an essential role in Warrior Centric Health’s revenue growth.

Mr. Simonelli brings 30 years of leadership through a broad range of experience to his new position at Warrior Centric Health, including operations, budget and programming, strategic development and execution, relationship building and management, and business development in various and impressive military experiences. Prior to his tenure as the Chief of Staff at Arlington National Cemetery, Simonelli already had a long and distinguished career in the United States Army. Upon graduation from the United States Military Academy, he received his commission in 1987 as an Air Defense Artillery officer. He served 27 years with great distinction in the field, in command, at the highest strategic level of the Nation. He was the Garrison Commander at Fort Bliss, Texas. He also served as the Director of Operations for the Multi-National Security Transition Command (Iraq), the Executive Assistant to the Vice Director of the Joint Staff, and the Legislative Affairs Director for the Secretary of Defense.

 “We are very excited about Joe’s plans for our direct and channel sales efforts,” said Kate Van Name, COO of Warrior Centric Health. “He is an assertive and compassionate leader and team builder. Joe has already been instrumental in ramping up Warrior Centric Health’s exposure plan in strategic market areas within North America over the past couple of days. He has a proven history building strong and highly-successful organizations and relationships that deliver quick results. He is a driven professional capable of explaining the mission, building the demand, demonstrating the upside, and executing on all of our sales goals.”

More about Warrior Centric Health, LLC

Warrior Centric Health (WCH) is the first-to-market, vetted, and scalable education company specializing in Veteran Population Health solutions for commercial health care professionals and systems. Named by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Veteran-Founded Start-ups in America, its design equips hospitals, medical personnel and staff with the cultural and clinical skills necessary to improve long-term health outcomes when treating veterans, their families and vulnerable populations. By providing quality education, data science, credentialing, and community outreach, our sustainable and holistic medical neighborhood approach is directly related to successfully meeting plans, goals, and objectives at all levels of a health care facility.

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