Warrior Centric Health Helps Major Hospital System Deliver Superior Veteran Care

Ellicott City, January 20, 2018 – Warrior Centric Health (WCH) is pleased to announce a new contract with one of the top ten hospital systems in the nation. WCH will provide key elements of its Warrior Centric Health Solution Suite, including HealthWarrior® Education online and HealthWarrior® Training on-site. In a company email, Ron Steptoe, CEO of Warrior Centric Health, wrote, “Implementation of WCH solutions will help this health care system deliver superior care to veterans and their families.”

For this national health care system, implementing WCH solutions marks a forward-thinking commitment to the health of its veteran patients. While the Veterans Choice Program (VCP), part of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, has increased veterans’ access to health care, many providers, staff, and allied health professionals do not have the level of expertise equal to the challenge of improving veteran health outcomes. Studies show that many military patients discontinue treatment after a single visit, citing organizations’ or providers’ lack of understanding of service members’ military experiences, challenges, and language, short-circuiting the providers’ ability to address their unique health needs. These are some of the very issues WCH’s solutions help providers and health care organizations resolve.

Warrior Centric Health launched the Warrior Centric Health Solution Suite in 2016, following eight years of intensive R & D in partnership with Veterans, providers, caregivers and the Department of Defense. The solution suite takes a 360˚ approach to improving health and health care outcomes for veterans and their families. It consists of:

  • Accredited clinical education
  • Cultural competency and patient/provider communications education
  • WarriorMark® Analytics & Insights
  • WarriorComm® Patient Acquisition Support

Upon certified completion of WCH’s accredited learning, providers, allied health care professionals, service support personnel and care support professionals receive credentials as Warrior Centric Health Recognized Providers® or Warrior Centric Health Veteran Champions®. Hospital organizations or systems earn recognition as Authorized Warrior Centric Health Centers® upon completing requirements and demonstrating adherence. These credentials and recognitions serve as guideposts for veterans and family members seeking health care that addresses their needs.

About Warrior Centric Health, LLC 

WCH provides the health care industry comprehensive solutions to complex health equity issues. Warrior Centric Health Solution Suite is the first of its kind to include accredited learning that addresses socio-cultural determinants of health in multiple generations of service members, veterans, and their families. Hospital systems that implement WCH Solution Suite tools can achieve alignment with the #123forEquity Pledge goals. In addition, health care professionals gain community and national recognition via WCH Veteran Health Certificates, Professional Badges, and a robust community outreach program.

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