Founded by Veterans for Veterans


he seeds of Warrior Centric Health were sown at our nation’s birth, when WCH founder Ronald Steptoe’s fifth great grandfather, James Bowser I, fought under General George Washington in the Revolutionary War, beginning a multi-generational tradition of military service.

Steptoe, himself a West Point graduate, followed his own service with a career at Pfizer, where he became interested in how some populations receive better health care than others. In 2008, armed with deep understanding of both the health care industry and the challenges certain population groups face in the system, Steptoe set out with Dr. Evelyn Lewis, another veteran who could bring her own rich medical expertise to bear, to find a way to improve outcomes for an underserved group they both knew well: veterans and their families.

…Under the auspices of The Steptoe Group they began developing the concept, design, implementation and evaluation of what became the Warrior Centric Health platforms.

Research, Development, Accreditation and Traction


ears of research, development and team building later, the WCH platform received its first medical and professional accreditations in 2010, along with its first contract (from Walter Reed Army Medical Center), as well as the Veteran Braintrust Award from the U.S. Congress, Since then, WCH has grown its Accreditations, its Team, its Services and its Client base, which now includes engagements with some of the nation’s most prestigious medical institutions and hospital associations. It was recently named one of the “Top 25 Veteran Founded Start-Ups” by Forbes Magazine.

As a for-profit company, currently venture-backed, WCH has developed a stable and sustainable business model that will ultimately result in better care, first for vets and their families, then—by applying the proven model—to other populations with unique occupational hazards.


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